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Milliman: Annual Healthcare Costs Doubled in Under Nine Years May 12, 2011

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PPO coverage costs have doubled in the last 9 years? The MCOs claim all their contracts are pegged to some percentage of Medicare and Medicare reimbursement rates to providers have remained essentially “flat” over the same period. What will happen when ObamaCare pitches in 30 million patients at Medicaid rates and lowers Medicare reimbursements? Employer’s need to consider “out of the box” strategies now?  http://tinyurl.com/3qjglzv  “Out of the box is not moving more cost to employees”


A Physician’s View about Medical Necessity May 6, 2011

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Very insightful thoughts when we question our doc’s instructions. Maybe we should always ask, what are the probable outcomes if I don’t do what you suggest?


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