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Wellness screenings covered at 100%–read the small print! December 28, 2011

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Here’s an egregious practice unfortunately common in the managed care industry. A member, trying to maintain health, participates in a “no cost” wellness procedure. While sedated, or undergoing the procedure, the physician identifies a minor medical issue and fixes it. Then “whack” the member wakes up facing a fat charge due to a diagnostic in place of a screening code.  One could argue it’s a “technical event” allowing insurance companies a manner to collect additional revenue. http://tinyurl.com/7lxz32l

Here’s the work place problem. For example, colon cancer is the 2nd leading cause of cancer death in the US. The main weapon to fight this cancer is early detection by colonoscopy. It’s hard to imagine this procedure being abused by members, recreational colonoscopies? Due to these hidden charges, one has to wonder how many colon cancer deaths result? If a plan is self-funded, the plan managers need to prevent ASO claims payors from implementing these processes. If fully insured, employers should pick up/pay for the additional fees.



1. vinod (@12bw34) - May 4, 2012

Thanks, to sharing great information regarding cancer and planning to save cancer care, which sirvial rate is becoming high day by day.

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