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About the Company
Founded in 2005 and based in Tampa, Florida, Med-Vision (www.med-vision.com) delivers medical consulting, healthcare planning, risk management, and wellness consulting to help employer groups achieve optimal employee health and productivity.  Med-Vision specifically caters to the needs of self-funded employer plan sponsors and currently impacts more than 75,000 health plan members.  Med-Vision’s industry-changing technologies and visionary experts are helping corporations, healthcare facilities, municipalities, and regional school districts to reduce risks, reverse trends, and reduce health care costs while increasing quality of care for their employees. 

Med-Vision has helped clients reduce healthcare costs by 10 to 12 percent over two years with Verisk Health’s Explorer solution tools.  Other results include:

• emergency room visits decreased by 11.9 percent
• per member per month pharmacy costs decreased by 19.3 percent
• per member per month cost decreased by 8.6 percent
• inpatient days declined significantly
• breast cancer screening compliance improved by 38 percent
• generic drug use increased by 4 percent

Through the power of data analytics, Med-Vision helps self-funded employers discover cost trends and drivers, analyze member predictive risk modeling, evaluate evidence based care-gap compliance, and create corresponding wellness strategies for success.

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